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Animal Assisted Therapy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

physical Assisted Therapy - Research Paper ExampleIn short, wherever people have special needs, psyche with creativity and an animate being with the proper temperament domiciliate probably create an imaginative way to being pets and people together for mutual benefit (Welcome to the reality of Animal-Assisted Therapy and Animal-Assisted Activities) Animal Assisted Therapy is gaining popularity at present because of the utility of pet wights in up health conditions of patients. Animal assisted therapy can be defined as the utilization of animals as a therapeutic modality to facilitate healing and rehabilitation of patients with acute or chronic ailments(McGuirk, p.6). It is a type of therapy which involves the assistance of an animal in improving the physical, psychological and social wellbeing of a patient. Pet owners have known the health benefit of animals well before the animal therapy was introduced by the medical science. It is not necessary that animal therapy al atomic n umber 53 may successful in curing chronic diseases however in combination with other(a) therapies same(p) physical and cognitive therapies, animal therapy found to be extremely useful in reducing mental stress, Cholesterol, high blood pressure etc. Animal assisted therapy is suitable for animal lovers. Children often establish plenteous relationships with pet animals. Apart from improving the physical and mental health, the presence of beloved animal can help children in improving their learning skills, memory, vocabulary, motivation etc. Though it seems possible that the novelty of the experiences themselves cause such improvements in children, therapy animals do provide them with the soma of emotional support humans novelty cannot, leading to improved physical and mental states. The physical interaction with animals or the presence of animals can help children and animal lovers reduce their mental stress. Increased mental stress is the most prominent reason for some(prenomina l) of the physical, psychological and social problems faced by children. In many of the cases, children may become problematic when they were unable to get the necessary love and care from the parents and beloved ones. Most of the current parents are professionals and they give more grandeur to their profession rather than their children. The absence of parents forced children to spend majority of their childhood time with pet animals like dogs, cats, birds etc. Thus many of the children establish deep relationships with pet animals. In some cases, such relationships are even stronger than their relationships with their parents. The presence of loved ones is always providing comfort to a person when he is in minute conditions. Children who loved their pet animals more than anything else may become relaxed in the company of such animals. benignant love and animal love are entirely different. Human love in many cases is conditional whereas animal love is unconditional. Animals do n ot expect anything in return to the love they extend towards their owners. On the other hand human always expect something in return for the love they provide to another person. In other words, animals can establish much deeper relationships or love affairs with its owner. In recent years, it has been proven that by owning a pet, or just by being around dogs or other animals, one may enjoy several health benefits. These include Lower blood pressure, subject cholesterol levels, Increase life expectancy, Ease loneliness, Improve communication, Foster trust, Reduce the need for medications by providing a diversion from pain, Improve cognitive functioning, Improve physical conditioning, Decrease stress and anxiety for patients and their families, Provide unconditional acceptance, especially for improving body image, Motivate patient to quicker recovery, Greater risk taking, May be able to alert to an

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Role and Functioning of Stock Markets Coursework

Role and Functioning of Stock Markets - Coursework ExampleMoreover, securities marts are further broken down into a particular commercialise and a secondary market. Astock marketis a private or public market for the trading ofstocks or sharesin companies at anagreed upon price. These accommodate securities listed on astock exchangeas well as those traded privately, also known as over the counter securities. Astock marketis also known as an equity market (Papadopoulos, 2010). Primary Market and its Role Primary market is the market in which newly listed companies issue their shares to be traded for the first time, changing hands from the newly listed company to the investors, mostly these first time investors are institutional investors for example pension funds, investment banks, credit unions. This care for allows a company, the issuers of stocks, to acquire bully by crack their stocks to investors who in return would supply the capital required. Thereby making primary market that part of capital markets that deals with the issuance of new securities. Privately or Publicly listed Companies, governments or public sector institutions can obtain funding for there projects in this way. Security dealers execution as a bridge to link lender to the borrower of the fund. The process of marketing new shares is called underwriting. The new stock issue is called an initial public offering (IPO). Dealers advance a commission that is part of the price of the security offering. (Papadopoulos, 2010). Secondary Market and its Role The secondary market is an organized marketplace for securities. After the initial offering it is through this market that the general public gets the opportunity to be a stakeholder in a company. Licensed broker assist in the buying selling of these securities, along with the exchanges specialized trading system, in accordance with the rules and regulations established by the exchange (Alfaro, Chanda, Kalemi-Ozcan, and Sayek, 2004). When i t comes to secondary market, investors in this market purchase securities from other investors in the market, quite an than from the issuing company. In any secondary market transaction the cash proceeds go to the investors rather than the entity of which the original securities belonged to. The prices of the securities in this market are impelled by the forces of supply and demand, this rule applies to every stock available for trading (Demirguc-Kunt and Levine, 1996). Overview of the functions of Stock Market There are severalfunctions of stock market that makes it an inherent part of the economy. It most important role is the channelling of funds or transferring of capital from investors to users of capital. This role of stock exchanges allows corporations looking to raise capital for enhancing their productive capabilities from investors in the primary market. The secondary market facilitates trade between buyers and sellers of stock and thereby enabling the investors to reac h the true price of the stock or commodity. This feature of stock market is known as continuous pricing function. This feature enables interested parties to know at any time, what the price of a stock is. Price quotes can be accessed through financial websites and financial channels. This allows investors to assess the worth of their investment in a particular stock (Kale, Dyer, and Sing, 2002). Stock market also plays the role of fairish pricing. The workings of the stock market enable buyers and

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Research proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words - 5

Research proposal - Essay ExampleThe research will value how designers of employee workplaces use the global concepts of marketing and high tech products and services in the design of commercial workplaces (Viswanath 28 and Gacenga et al. 93). This will be done by conducting a research that is based on primary data collection method (Venable 120). Such will entail the use of a focus group, face-to-face interviews, notice and surveys (Shouhong and Wang 548). Interview questions will be formulated so that they will elicit response from the respondents (Venable and Richard 142). The questions will also include Likert Scale for trend and relationship identifications (Orfield 138).The population of interest will be Silicon Valley. However, representatives from Brighton University will also be included in the study. This population will assist in identification of advert metrics that include color and design of workplaces (McMahon 570).The research will assist in gathering essential dat a, which will be used in the butt against of testing the hypothesis that workplace could assist in improving productivity and enhancing attainment of creativeness in the workplace (Mangalaraj et al. 250). This is because in marketing, value addition is snappy in the presentation of products and services. Such facilitates in increasing the quality take, which is a key focus for most of the customers who like quality products and services. Increment of quality level also ensures that an organization is able to compete with others favourably in the market (Gregor and Alan 338). The research will also yield insightful information on how creativity and productivity can be enhanced in organizations (Landwehr et al. 93).The social network companies have reinvented Silicon Valley from its origins as a place of manufacturers measuring instruments, much(prenominal) as oscilloscopes. The first company to adopt the beginning of the open plan workspace was Hewlett-Packard in the 1970s. This working

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Monopolies and Oligopolies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Monopolies and Oligopolies - Essay ExampleHowever, this competitor does not fit the definition of close substitute and has difficulty ingress the market. Apple has recently introduced the Windows Operating System on its machines and has reinforced Windows as a monopoly. Consumers are tied to Windows for practical reasons as well as the small-arm of mind that familiarity brings and they can find no close substitute.When consumers can find no close substitute and are locked into a data processing system, it allows Microsoft to the boot whatever the market will bear. In the Microsoft model, they have footingd their software at the level that will produce the greatest returns without effecting demand. This has allowed them to optimize their pricing based not on demand, but as price setters. This is another indication that they are a monopoly. People will no sooner switch from Windows than they would buy a rhinestone engagement ring as a substitute for a DeBeers diamond, no matter wha t the cost. The fact that they have a barrier to entry, can set the price on their own terms, and have a consumer base that will not accept a substitute makes Microsoft one of the largest monopolies in the history of the world analogous

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Leaning an operational delivery process Research Paper

Leaning an operational hold openy process - Research Paper Example gillyflower management practices are essential aspects of any organisation. Many organisations have changed from the traditional settings to production and gunstock management. The role of inventory management is to ensure faster inventory turnover.Artisanal Burger Company (ABC) Restaurant is a joint that is famous for its burgers, homemade bread and delicious omelets. The restaurant is located at 1436 Pleasant Valley Road, Manchester, CT 06042 ( tally to the reviews by customers, the services have not been ideal for maximising profits and reduction of waste. The management needs to rethink and introduce new techniques of managing assets and inventories. An investigation of processes in this restaurant indicates that there is need to introduce Lean thinking in ABC Restaurant. Improvements can bring significant savings for the restaurant owners, which would, in turn, be passed on to the customers, both quantitatively and qualitatively. One customer says, the burgers are hit and miss..ABC lacks consistency ( of the problems identify was that it takes too much time to deliver food to the table. Secondly, there is no accuracy of orders. Finally, the time it takes a customer to pay the bill is too long. Problems were identified in the dining area, kitchen area, and billing area. The issues that were identified are summarised in Table 1.ABCs delivery process does not match with its performance objectives. Markovic, Raspor and Segaric (2010, p. 181) state that a restaurant business is a demanding business, and it, therefore, stresses on the provision of high-level customer service and continuous quality improvement. There is constant change of peoples lifestyles. Thus, customers desire new flavours, comfortable ambience and agreeable memories. Restaurants that provide high-quality service gain stronger competitive advantage in the current dynamic marketplace. The issu es outlined in Table 1 indicate the

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Marketing over 50's to St Lucia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Marketing over 50s to St Lucia - Essay ExampleIt appears that the original designation was Sainte Alousie, the name used in Father DuTetres 1664 volume on the Antilles. Despite the fact that legion(predicate) thousands have immigrated to different lead offs of the Americas and Europe, particularly throughout the twentieth century, this ID re mains solid, even around those conceived in the diaspora. The inquiry of an imparted high society is quarrelsome, for Saint Lucians are partitioned along numerous lines, yet there is a feeling of fitting in with a place, an area, of which they have a feeling of ownership. mavin forcing thing of regular society could be Kweyol or Patwa, the French-inferred creole dialect spoken by most Saint Lucians. In any case, numerous brought up abroad dont talk the dialect, and Saint Lucians likewise distinguish that their Kweyol is practically indistinguishable to that spoken on Dominica and the French islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe. (Munar, 2011) The creation of tourism as a pay exceptional rose in the 1950s with the development of disposable pay for pay labourers in streamlined nations. The advancement of tourism as an improvement apparatus started in 1969 with a counselling report finished by Checchi and Company, a private universal advancement counselling ?rm spend hearty time in tourism and local improvement. It expressed that any yearning to aid the individuals of the Eastern Caribbean could be accomplished through the advancement of tourism. Tourism was pushed as having two fundamental points of interest a wellspring of wage and a foundation for more stupendous universal comprehension. Basically, tourism turned into the methods by which tierce World nations with little to offer yet nature could collect capital, and at last advance. Tourism as an advancement apparatus in the Caribbean authentic ?rst in Puerto Rico, Bahamas and Jamaica in the late 1950s and unanticipated 1960s, and inevitably spread Tourism as a Devel opment Tool in the Caribbean and the Environmental By-items The Stresses on slender Island Resources and Viable Remedies Janouska Grandoit International Relations, Economics, The Maxwell School of Syracuse University In the Caribbean, land and seaside assets have supported a moderately little populace for a considerable length of time, yet with an increment in present day monetary movement the islands biological communities are under expanding weight. Without reasonable arrangements that address the main impetuses behind these weights, economical improvement in the Caribbean islands is not conceivable. Nature is frequently traded off by the instantaneous requirement to create outside trade, for the most part through tourism. On the other hand, it was the coming of the streamlined upset and the creation of the steamship in the nineteenth century that denoted the rise of venture out to entrancing goals, particularly for recreation purposes. Around then, travel was expensive to the p oint that just the rich could take preference, and tourism in Barbados was a selective diversion, organised at the activity of private people, with practically no legislature inclusion inside the incipient area. It was not until the late 1950s and into the 1960s with the commercialisation of the plane motor that tourism developed as a real financial action in Barbados and critical indications of organisation and government inclusion surfaced. From around the 1640s, sugar had been the motor of development of the Barbadian economy, and spoke to the most predominant wellspring of outside

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Needs to be a current argument of something in the health field some Research Paper

Needs to be a current argument of something in the health field some type of controversy - Research Paper representativeThey without causing any harm to the child will help the child body produce antibodies, which will stay in the body for a long-acting time, fighting off viruses and bacteria in future as well. However, this vaccination process is not without controversy because there is a view among particular sections of community that it could lead to Autism.Autism is a developmental disorder of brain function. Symptoms of Autism usually occur before the age of 3 and include impaired social interaction, problems with verbal and communicatory communication and imagination, and unusual or severely limited activities or interests. People with Autism can exhibit a wide variety of symptoms and behaviors, thus Autism is considered a spectrum disorder. The fill cause of Autism was not yet cornered. However, researches believe it can be caused by specific genes. Other researchers lin k Autism with vaccinations. Still others believe toxins and pollutants could cause it. Among these reasons for Autism, the reason that vaccination could cause Autism has been subject of controversy for some time, with one section opposing it while another section believing it.The crux of the controversy is that vaccines given to children as part of immunization for various diseases could act adversely and could damage the brain regions leading to Autism. This controversial news entered the public domain in 1998, when British gastroenterologist Andrew Wakefield and his team published an article in The Lancet focusing on the detrimental role of MMR vaccines in causing Autism. (Godlee, Smith and Marcovitch 77). Wakefield and his team examined the digestive tracts of 12 children with behavioural disorders, nine of them being Autistic, who were given MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine. On examination, they found that the 9 Autistic children had inflammation of the intestines. Base d on this